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Welcome Coach, Referee, Basketball Administrator and New York City Basketball Fan. Our site, NYBasketball, brings you tournament and tryout notices, team links, referee classes and information, practice tips and drills and comments on the state of New York City Basketball. This is not player or game discussion site. There are plenty of those, but if you want get the word out to the basketball community about what you are doing, post it here or add a comment!Chuck


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2 responses to “Welcome To NYBasketball

  1. Satch Young

    On the Ten Commandments: Thou shall switch because we are playing TEAM Defense like it’s a religion, not “my” man or “my” area [is] selfish, it wasn’t me defense. Secondly, my statline will take care of itself as long as I play to win for my TEAM. So thou shall know my Team’s statline and strive to make them DOMINANT and mine will take care of itself. If I’m worried about my statline, I might get selfish and forget the goal.

    • czvasser

      Team’s have different defensive strategies. For some, you must stay with your man, others switch on everything and some folks believe in “man and a half defense. Defense means the other team doesn’t score!
      Many players only know how many points they scored. Players need to know a whole lot more about how they and the team played. People value what they count. You decide which (or both). Thanks for your comments!

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