NYSUBOA/IAABO 42 5 In 5: 5 Minutes – 5 Questions

NYSUBOA and IAABO Board 42 have teamed up to create an online test for referees they call 5 In 5: 5 Questions – 5 Minutes. Each week NYSUBOA/IAABO 42 emails their members and posts 5 Rules questions to keep referees “In The Book”. Five questions doesn’t seem like a lot but over the course of a year that’s more than 250 questions, creates a weekly review for referees and a forum for tough questions. You don’t have to be a referee to answer the questions. Anyone can visit www.NYSUBOA.wordpress.com and get the questions and answers (I’ve heard coaches review the questions to keep referees sharp).You can also get a print copy of the test or submit questions interpreters will answer and post, if appropriate. The questions/answers are developed by William Modeste, NYSUBOA Interpreter and Jimm Paull, IAABO Board 42 Interpreter and based on the High School Federation Rule Book.

Follow the link on the Whistle Page to get all of the 5 In 5 tests (there have been 3 so far) or read 63 Things You Should Know As A Working Basketball Official and What’s In Your (Referee) Bag by Charles Lloyd. Both are invaluable to referees and many keep a copy with the rule books in their bags. Don’t keep rule books in your bag? Then you really should take a look. 


Charles Vasser
Community Green

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