Beginner Guide To Basketball: YYAA Shooting Skills Homework

Yorkville Youth Athletic Association Shooting Skills Homework

  1. Have your child lay on the floor on his back with his feet together.
  2. He should have his palms up and elbows close to his body ready to catch the ball.
  3. Stand near his shoulder with a 27.5 youth ball.
  4. Say “ready” before you drop the ball to him.
  5.  The smaller the child, the lower the drop.
  6. BREATH CONTROL is very important.
  7. He should inhale when catching and exhale when shooting.
  8. Upon catching, he should get his right hand under the ball.
  9. He should spread his fingers.
  10. He should use his left hand as a guide.
  11. And to keep the ball from rolling off his hand 🙂
  12. Use your hands over your child as a target.
  13. Have your child shoot up to your hands.
  14. As he gets better, raise the target-your hands.
  15. BASKETBALL WAVE: (see below)
  16. Spread fingers and flick the wrist to roll the ball of the fingers.
  17. *Dad: Catch the ball!
  18. Say “ready” and repeat 4 times.
  19. Start again with the child’s left hand.
  20. Start again with the child chest passing to your hand.
  21. 5 times each hand.
  22. That’s one set.
  23. Do four sets.
  24. 20 times each hand and 20 chest passes!
  26. Spread fingers, flex hand forward from wrist.
  27. Always have a target.
  28. Hit it your target.

*Yes, moms and little girls can do this work out!

**This is a distillation of a more comprehensive workout which includes fitness and conditioning. Feel free to contact me about basketball training, fitness and/or this workout.

You can get a copy to print here: Shooting Skills Homework


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