Coaching Tip: Save Your Breath

A referee blows his/her whistle to stop the action. No referee does this lightly as all the attention in the arena is suddenly focused on him/her. But you disagree with the call and make your disapproval known, loudly and occasionally inappropriately. The referee made the call based on the rules, player action and his/her experience and your comments aren’t likely to reverse the call. More importantly, at that moment, your player(s) need your attention. They may have just committed a foul, turnover or made some other mistake that may seriously impact the game. Save your breath – for your player(s). Coach them through this moment which, especially for younger players, is a teaching opportunity.


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One response to “Coaching Tip: Save Your Breath

  1. czvasser

    The Save Your Breath “Tip” goes for players too! Don’t be the guy that wants a foul or call on every play. Challenging the referee on every play demonstrates poor sportsmanship and can quickly become inappropriate behavior that leads to a technical foul and/or ejection.

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