Beginner Guide To Basketball: Win the Game Drill

Win the Game Drill

This drill teaches everything and only takes 10 seconds to run per pair of players. If you do nothing else, teach your kids this drill!

The Win The Game Drill teaches:

Spacing/positioning – The defensive player should be able to touch the offensive player at all times
Footwork – Don’t let your players cross their feet!
Boxing out – Make sure the defensive player makes contact and keeps the offensive player off the glass
Rebounding – The defensive player should rebound or retrieve the ball, pivot and quickly throw an outlet pass to the coach

Catching the entry pass  – Players should use their bodies to “locate” the defense
Back to the basket footwork – Teach sweeps, inside and outside pivots, drop steps, fakes
Good shot selection – Make sure the offensive player squares up and breathes on every shot
Scoring under pressure – Teach good shot selection

The Win The Game Drill assumptions are:
The offense is down by one point
The defense is in the bonus and cannot foul
The offensive player is assumed to be an excellent foul shooter
Use the score board clock set to 7 seconds or less
Use as many baskets as you want or have available

  1. Use the game clock as the timer.
  2. The offensive player has 7 seconds to score – to win the game.
  3. Use more or less time depending on player skills and drill goals.
  4. Have the defensive player stand on the foul line.
  5. Have the offensive stand with his/her back to the basket above the foul line.
  6. The coach faces the offensive player 6-10 feet away.
  7. To begin the drill the horn sounds and the coach throws and entry pass to the offensive player.
  8. The drill ends when the offensive player scores before the buzzer.
  9. Or the drill ends when the buzzer goes off.
  10. Or the drill ends when the defensive player commits a foul.
  11. Or the drill ends when the defensive player rebounds the ball or gets a steal.
  12. Younger players should not be allowed to block or steal the ball. We are working on good defense/positioning.
  13. When the drill ends, the defensive player retrieves the ball, throws an outlet pass to the coach and goes to the end of the line.
  14. The offensive player goes to defense immediately.
  15. The next player on line becomes the offensive player.

You can get a copy to print here: Win the Game Drill


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