Basic Shooting and Conditioning

  1. Holding a basketball in a shooting position, lay on the floor on your  back with your feet together.
  2. Shoot straight up through the shoulder.
  3. Start and keep your elbows close to your body.
  4. Breathe out as you shoot.
  5. Keep your fingers spread.
  6. Don’t let the ball touch your palm.
  7.  Flick your wrist and roll the ball off your fingertips to create good “rotation”.
  8. Shoot up about 5-7  feet.
  9. Pick a target in space and hit it each time.
  10. The off-hand is the guide hand. Keep it relaxed but straight.
  11. 10 times right hand.
  12. 10 times left hand.
  13. 10 times two-handed pass from just under your chin.
  14. Put the ball down and do the following:
  15. 10 sit-ups/curls.
  16. 10 push-ups.
  17. 10 squats
  18. 10 toe raises.
  19. 10 jumping jacks.
  20. Do each exercise without stopping.
  21. Each exercise is a set of 10 reps.
  22. The group of exercises is a super-set.
  23. Do 4 super-sets.
  24. Do this every other day for 4 weeks.
  25. After 4 weeks, add 1 super-set every week until you get to 10 sets.
  26. You are now doing 100 reps of every exercise.
  27. Do everything faster but retain your form throughout.
  28. Dedication to this workout will make you a much better than average basketball player.
  29. Start now and you will make the team in September.
  30. During the season, continue this workout as conditioning and to keep you shooting form.
  • Warm up before you begin.
  • Stretch when you are finished.
  • Keep an exercise log.
  • Time your sessions. As you get fitter, you will get faster.
  • Always use good form in every exercise.

Email me at when you get to 100 reps and I’ll tell you what exercises to add to make you even better OR email me now, and I’ll tell you what you should be doing on the alternate days.

NYB Basic Shooting and Conditioning PDF

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