Instant Offense

I am a New Yorker. I was born, raised and still live in the Bronx. I am and always have been a Knicks fan. I was a Knick fan before there was a WNBA, an ABA, Nets in New Jersey or Brooklyn. That said, it hurts me deeply to say that I loved the old Boston Celtics fast break. It was magic to see them score in two passes up the floor and to cash in on almost every scoring opportunity.  Every coach has an offensive philosophy, but not every coach clearly communicates it to its team. The Boston philosophy, in those days, was get the ball up the floor and make every scoring opportunity count.  With that in mind, consider my Instant Offense: Fast break everything, put back everything and always score off the first pass in the front court if possible. Even the opening tap should be directed to your strongest finisher who will attack the rim and score. There is no holding the ball: score, score, score!

Instant Offense

  1. On every defensive rebound, fast break.
  2. On every offensive rebound in the paint, attempt a score.
  3. Every pass in the front court should provide a scoring opportunity for the team in 5 seconds or less.
  4. If the 1st pass doesn’t result in a shot in 5 seconds the player should pass to someone who has an immediate scoring opportunity.
  5. The offense is always running and it doesn’t need to be restarted.
  6. Instant Offense continues until there is a 20 point lead.
  7. After 20 points there is no fast break but Instant Offense continues in the front court.
  8. Instant Offense is the back end of the offense.
  9.  The front end is rebounding, throwing the outlet pass immediately and filling the lanes on fast breaks.
  10. If a fast break is not possible, get the ball into the front court as quickly as possible on every play.
  11. Players should get to their designated spots before the ball gets into front court.
  12.  Instant Offense starts immediately upon entering the front court by passing to the first option in the designated offense.
  13. Instant Offence is not freelance basketball.
  14. Instant Offence can be freelance, but is works much better when everyone knows what play they are running.
  15. Plays can be called on each possession but Instant Offense works best when they are  in sequence or “scripted”.
  16. Call plays when there is an opportunity to be exploited but otherwise, let the offense run.
  17. In Instant Offense every player gets a scoring opportunity sequentially.
  18. Therefore, Instant Offense keeps players happy!
  19. If a player is not open, pass immediately to the next option.
  20. The point guard never keeps the ball for more than 5 seconds.
  21. Use any defense you want as long as the Offense is Instant.
  22. Got it?
  23. Instant Offense.

The Hand Signal for Instant Offense: Touch your head then clap twice. Don’t use hand signals? Why not? We’ll discuss that in another post.

Instant Offense PDF

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