Basketball I.Q. – 5 In 5 No. 3

5 minutes – 5 questions. Sharpen you knowledge weekly. You don’t have to be a referee to answer these questions.

  1. A1 is fouled by B1. It is a shooting foul. A1 is injured on the play.Team A’s coach calls a time out. A1 is not able to return to the game after the time out. The official allows A6 to enter the game after the time out to attempt the free throw(s) for A1.  Is the official correct?
  2. The score is Team A- 79 Team B 78 when A1 and B1  push/shove each other. The covering official calls a double foul. Members of the crowd object to the call, become hostile and come onto the court. The official(s) declare the game a forfeit in favor of Team A. Is the official correct?
  3. The ball is in flight during a try by A1 when the forth quarter ends. A2 intentionally fouls B2 immediately after the try becomes successful. The score is Team A 71 Team B 70. The official charges A2 with a technical foul and awards B2 free throws which will determine the outcome of the game.  Is the official correct?
  4. A1 is standing with one foot in the 3-second restricted area and one foot outside of the 3-second restricted area. A1 lifts the foot in the 3-second restricted area but does not touch it in the nonrestricted area. The covering official call a 3-second violation. Is the referee correct?
  5. A1 attempts a try beyond the 3-point line and is an airborne shooter when B1 violently pushes A1. The ball does not enter the basket. The covering official calls a personal foul and awards 3 free throws to A1. Is the referee correct?
  1. YES 8-2
  2. NO 5-4-3
  3. YES 5-6-2 ex4
  4. YES 9.7.2 casebook
  5. NO 4-19-4, 10-6-5

Read the appropriate sections in the rule and case book if you answered any question incorrectly.
Extra Credit: Keep track of your score and your average.
William Modeste, NYSUBOA Interpreter
Jim Paull, IAABO Board 42 Interpreter


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