Basketball I.Q. – 5 In 5 No. 4 Basketball Court Measurements

5 minutes – 5 questions. Sharpen you knowledge weekly. You don’t have to be a referee to answer these questions. The questions are based on Boys High School/IAABO rules.

  1. How far is the free throw line from the basket?
  2. What’s the size of the basketball hoop?
  3. How far is a three-point shot?
  4. How far is a half-court shot?
  5. What is the optimal length of a high school basketball court?
  1. 15 feet
  2. 18 inches across
  3. 19′ 9″ from the line to the center of the hoop
  4. 38′ feet on a high school court
  5. 84 feet.

Read the appropriate sections in the rule and case book if you answered any question incorrectly.
Extra Credit: Keep track of your score and your average.
William Modeste, NYSUBOA Interpreter
Jim Paull, IAABO Board 42 Interpreter


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