Basketball I.Q. – 5 In 5 No. 6

5 minutes – 5 questions. Sharpen you knowledge weekly. You don’t have to be a referee to answer these questions.

  1. Both teams’ benches are located at the ends of the court. The officials rule that this is acceptable. Are the officials correct?
  2. The scorer mistakenly credits a field goal by A1 to B1 in the second period. The error is not discovered until two minutes into the overtime period with team A ahead in the game. The referee rules that the score will be corrected and the game will be over. Is the referee correct?
  3. The official’s jurisdiction is terminated and the final score is approved when the referee leaves the visual confines of the playing area. Is this correct?
  4. A1 is erroneously awarded a one and one. A1 misses the second and A2 taps in the rebound. B1 completes a throw-in by passing to B2, who commits a traveling violation. As A1 is throwing in the ball when the error is recognized. The official rules the time frame to correct the one and one has expired. Is the official correct?
  5. It is the job of both officials to inspect and approve all equipment including the court, baskets, the ball etc. Is this correct?
  1. Yes Rule 1 Sec. 13 Art. 1
  2. No Rule 2 Sec. 11 Art. 10 Case Book 2.11.10 Situation C
  3. No Rule 2 Sec. 2 Art. 4
  4. YES Rule 2 Sec. 10 Art. 2
  5. No Rule 2 Sec. 4 Art. 1

Read the appropriate sections in the rule and case book if you answered any question incorrectly.
Extra Credit: Keep track of your score and your average.
William Modeste, NYSUBOA Interpreter
Jim Paull, IAABO Board 42 Interpreter

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