Basketball I.Q. – 5 In 5 No. 7

5 minutes – 5 questions. Sharpen your knowledge weekly. You don’t have to be a referee to answer these questions.

  1. While A-1’s try is in flight, the horn sounds indicating time has expired in the third quarter. B-1 jumps and touches the try on its upward flight. Ball enters basket. The official disallows the basket. Is the official correct
  2. The official erroneously grants team B a time-out while a player of team A is in control. The official recognizes the mistake and notifies the coach that once the time-out is granted, it cannot be revoked nor delayed. Is the official correct?
  3. A-6 replaces A-1. During team B’s throw in; team B is granted a time-out. During the time-out A-1 reports to replace A-2. The official allows the substitution. Is the official correct?
  4. A-1 is bleeding and directed to the bench. Team A takes a time-out. Following the time-out, A-1 enters the playing court ready to play. The official allows A-1 to stay in the game. Is the official correct?
  5. Team A is wearing red jerseys. A-1 enters the court wearing a blue wristband and headband. The official rules A-1 wristband and headband are illegal. Is the official correct?
  1. No Rule 4 Sec. 41 Art. 4, Rule 5 Sec. 1
  2. Yes Rule 5 Sec. 8
  3. No Rule 3 Sec. 3 Art. 4
  4. Yes Rule 3 Sec. 3 Art. 7
  5. Yes Rule 3 Sec. 5 Art. 3a

Read the appropriate sections in the rule and case book if you answered any question incorrectly. Highlight those sections. Extra Credit: Keep track of your score and your average.
William Modeste, NYSUBOA Interpreter
Jim Paull, IAABO Board 42 Interpreter

NYBasketball I.Q. – 5 In 5 No. 7 PDF

NYBasketball I.Q. – 5 In 5 No. 6


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