Players look forward to scrimmages during practice but if you are not careful, especially with younger players, they can develop bad habits. That’s because coaches use scrimmages to work on certain things and don’t usually stop the game to correct things that would otherwise be a foul or just bad play unless it impacts the lesson being taught. Unfortunately, those fouls, missed box outs and missed coverage can carry over to games as bad habits or BADS. I use OUT to get players to focus during scrimmages and eliminate bad habits

BADS are committing a foul, turnover or allowing a score.  Steals are considered turnovers. A block is just good defense as an assist is  just good offense. Each BAD committed counts against the player. Allowing an offensive rebound counts as 1. Allowing a score on the same play would add one and give the player 2. And if the defensive player also committed a foul on the play that would count as 3 BADS. If he/she picks up 2 more BADS he/she will be subbed out and have to sit until all the other bench players have had a chance to play. No one ever wants to sit!

The person they are guarding keeps score and yells OUT when a player gets 5 BADS. The game is stopped and the player with 5 BADS is subbed out. I’ve noticed players really like to send teammates to the bench when we play OUT and seem to work a lot harder as a result while being a lot more careful.

NOTE: If a player gets subbed out because three or more of their BADS were fouls, or turnovers or the same type of mistake, they should be coached on what they seem to be consistently doing wrong.Thoughtful coaching here will clearly identify and correct player weaknesses. Add OUT to your scrimmages and you may see an overall improvement in play!


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