Keep A Shooting Log

Your working hard to be a better basketball player, but how do you know your training is paying off? One measure might be a better average but an even better indicator may be keeping a Shooting Log. Shooting Logs are as useful or accurate as you make them. There are lots of apps these days that can help keep you on track but I can’t think of one that tells you your are becoming a better practice shooter.

You can get gear that monitors everything from time, distance, heart rate, plays your favorite tunes and automatically uploads when you get close to your computer but I like using a Composition Notebook. No, that’s not an app. It’s that black and white marbled notebook you used as kid to practice your penmanship and spelling words. Buy one for a buck and get in the habit of keeping a Shooting Log or Journal. For shooting drills, write down the shots made over the shots taken from the locations taken and figure out your percentage. Also, write down when you began the drill and when you finished. You should see an improvement in percentage and time and that improvement should be reflected in game performance.

NOTE: One of the things that will “jump off the page” is that you probably shoot better from one side than the other. That’s good to know, but not ok. You should work on being able to shoot from anywhere. Also, you will find that you have a spot that you consistently shoot better than average from. I call that the Money Spot. That’s the spot that’s going to get you game winners. Know it and use it.

Midrange Shooting Locations

Foul Line Center
Right Elbow
Right Elbow 2 steps out towards the corner (Short Wing)
Right Foul Lane square to the rim 3 steps back
Left Elbow
Left Elbow 2 steps out toward the corner (Short Wing)
Left Foul Lane square to the rim 3 steps back

Shots from the Short Wing should be (can be) taken using the backboard


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  1. Reblogged this on NY S.U.B.O.A. and commented:

    Referees: You should keep a Game Log. Record the date, time, location, partner, teams, final score and note any unusual or special circumstances (that includes injuries). Feel free to add other information like assignor, fee, . . .

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