Girls Basketball Officiating Class 2014

Girls Basketball Officiating Class 2014


To All Interested in Taking the Girls Basketball Officiating Class,

1.  You must reside in one of the 5 boroughs in order to take the class and upon passing, become eligible to officiate for this board. You will have to provide proof of address by providing a valid NYS ID no exceptions.

2.  The New York City Girls Board of Officials is a certifying board. We prepare you for the written and mechanics aspects of the exam. WE DO NOT ASSIGN GAMES. DO NOT CONFUSE US WITH THE PSAL, CHSAA, AAIS. Those are leagues that we are assigned to officiate in and the assignors are the individuals who give you the games.  We do not have a say if the assignors wish to have you work for them or not.

Upon passing the written and floor exam your name is put on a list and is sent to assignors of various leagues. Your work ethic and your desire…

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