Referee Arithmetic

Referee Arithmetic: You Add it Up!


A1 and B1 are both lying on the floor as the ball rolls out of bounds. The referee, in a less than a second, gathers and processes all of the relevant information and makes the correct call. What’s this all add up to? Referee Arithmetic. A good referee looks at plays like an equation with the offense on one side and the defense on the other, adding up each play and summing the action, blowing the whistle when there is a violation or foul.

Consider the possibilities:

  1. What caused the ball to go out of bounds?
  2. Who’s possession is it?
  3. Why are A1 and B1 on the floor?
  4. Was there contact between A1 and B1.
  5. If so, who created the contact?
  6. Was that contact legal?
  7. If it was a foul, what kind of foul was it?
  8. If it wasn’t a foul, what was it?

How many possible scenarios can…

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