Basketball Rules Fundamentals

Basketball Rules Fundamentals for all you referees out there real or Imagined!


With the summer season officially behind us, we sail into the 2014-2014 season, a new class and potentially, and a new crop of rookie referees. But before you dive into your book, review the following Basketball Rules Fundamentals. With a firm understanding of them, you will find most situations become immediately clear even if you can’t recite chapter and verse for every scenario.

1. While the ball remains live, a loose ball always remains in control of the team whose player last had control, unless it is a try or tap for goal.
2. Neither a team nor any player is ever in control during a dead ball, jump ball, or when the ball is in flight during a try or tap for a goal.
3. A goal is made when a live ball enters the basket from above and remains in or passes through unless canceled by a…

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