Drop and Give Me Twenty!

Basketball coaches are more likely to make you run suicides than make you drop and give them twenty because basketball is thought to be more about lower body than upper body strength. Coaches are more concerned about your vertical than how much you can bench so upper body and core strength are often neglected in favor of footwork but complete players need to have the upper body strength and stamina to use there arms, hands and torso on every play. Your feet may get you there but it’s the rest of your body that keeps you there.

In the NYBasketball series Make Varsity In Ten Weeks, there is a plan to get you a basketball body based on 10 basic exercises. Pushups are one of the keys to building upper body and core strength but once you can do 10 pushups you are strong enough to lift your body weight and everything else is endurance. To get to the next level, challenge your muscles in different ways and angles and increase strength and stamina in support and related muscles.

Complete 1 set of 10 reps of each of the 10 different types of pushups below.

  1. 2 Count pushups – 2 second count up, hold for 2 seconds and 2 second count down
  2. Close stance (Diamond) – place your hands together forming a diamond thumbs and index fingers
  3. Wide stance – place your hands beyond shoulder width apart
  4. Uneven – place one hand on a basketball and complete 5 pushups with each hand
  5. Traveling – on each pushup alternate hand position to travel right for 5 pushups and then left for 5 pushups
  6. Spiderman – on each pushup alternate bringing a knee up towards your elbow
  7. Mountain climber – on each pushup alternate bringing a knee up towards your chest
  8. Explosive – lower your chest towards the floor and push up explosively clapping your hands before beginning the next pushup
  9. Karate – spread your feet and lower your chest on an arc on each pushup
  10. Decline – raise you feet on a bench (box, stairs, bed)

*Combo Pack PushupsDo one rep of each type of pushup
*Plank rollStart with a standard plank, roll to your right, back to the front and then to the left holding each position for 10 seconds.

NYB Drop and Give Me Twenty! -PDF

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