INSTANT OFFENSE: Shoot Or Share In Six Seconds

Young basketball players usually take the first shot opportunity they get and often it isn’t the best option. Coaches should stress and develop Offense Discipline and Shot Discipline based on an Offensive Philosophy and look to get high percentage shots on every play.

Offense Discipline: The team should immediately run its offense every play that isn’t a fast break. If you are yelling from the sideline for the team to run the play or for players to get to spots, the team needs more discipline or more practice time. That’s especially true on Out Of Bounds plays. The team should immediately get into position when the calling official blows the whistle and indicates which team has the ball and where it will be put in play.

Shot Discipline: Unless you have a 3 point shot philosophy like Duke, and shooters to match, players have to take good shots as soon as they are available. Most importantly, players have to know what a good opportunity is and how to get themselves in a position for it. Like Offense Discipline, if you are yelling “shoot” when you see a good opportunity, the team needs more work.

You should also have an Offensive Philosophy: For instance – we are looking for layups through our motion offense or we are looking to pass to the wing for the entry pass to the low post or jump shots in the flat.
Offensive Philosophy will help dictate Offensive Discipline and Shot Discipline but the three work together to create a well run offense. I use the following to get better results in my half court offense for young players.

OFFENSIVE PHILOSOPHY: Instant Offense – Shoot Or Share In Six Seconds
Hold for 3 seconds and/or dribble for 3 seconds but after that shoot or pass to a shooter
Take shots in the paint or 15 feet or less
Offensive rebounds are immediate put backs
Defensive rebounds are fast breaks
Passes in the front court are to players below the 3pt line

Throw the first pass after mid court to the high post.
The Post Player pivots and shoots or drives to the basket
The Post Player passes to a player on the box that shoots
The Post Player passes to a player cutting to the basket from the wing
The Post Player sets the Pick and Roll for the guards
The high and low post players rebound on every shot
The guards cover the fast break
Rotate Post Players/Anyone can play the post

Be in position and prepared to shoot at all times
Catch and shoot whenever possible
Take and make the mid range shot
Shoot the pull up

INSTANT OFFENSE: NYB Shoot Or Share In Six Seconds PDF

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