Beginner Guide to Basketball – Basic Shooting Skills

This drill is for boys and girls!

Have your child lay on the floor on his back with his feet together
He should have his palms up and elbows close to his body ready to catch the ball
Stand near his shoulder with a 27.5 youth ball
Say “ready” before you drop the ball to your child
The smaller the child, the lower the drop
BREATH CONTROL is very important
He should inhale when catching and exhale when shooting
He should catch with two hands
Upon catching, he should rotate his right hand under the ball
He should use his left hand as a shooting guide
And to keep the ball from rolling off his hand
He should shoot from his right shoulder
Your child should keep their back on the floor at all times
Use your hands over your child as a target
As they get stronger, raise your hands to make the target higher
Have your child shoot with a BASKETBALL WAVE
Wrist back, balance ball on spread fingers
Flick the wrist
Roll the ball off the index and middle fingers for good rotation
Keep your eyes on your target
Follow through with your fingers “touching” your target

Dad/Mom: Catch the ball!
When your child is more proficient, he can catch the ball on his own
Repeat for a total of 5 times

Repeat with the child’s left hand

Repeat with the child chest passing to your hands

That’s one set
Do four sets
20 times each hand
20 chest passes!

Older kids can start by shooting and catching the ball by themselves but it takes some practice to get the ball to go up straight and rotate properly. The shooter should always pick a target in mid air and hit it consistently. OR lie in a doorway and hit the wall just above the door. Don’t use the ceiling as a target. You’ll leave spots mom will hate.

NYB Beginner Shooting Skills

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  1. Reblogged this on NY S.U.B.O.A. and commented:

    Do this drill with your child and you will be surprised how well he/she shoots the first time you take him/her to the gym. At the gym, start them on 8′ baskets so they practice shooting instead of throwing the ball at the basket.

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