Play DERDEE Drill


This drill is designed to create and reinforce efficient execution on offense and defensive. It teaches every play is important.

The rules are:
Never lose the opening tap
Never let the other team score
Never let the other team get a rebound
Never turn the ball over
Never foul
NEVER . . . Or it will cost you!

Every play is worth 1 point.
You score, you get 1 point.
Rebounds, steals count.
You foul or turn the ball over, they get 1 pt.
Missed shots, blocks don’t count.
Clock runs for 8 minutes.
No time outs.
No foul shots.
When time runs out, the team with the highest score wins.

Each squad has a captain who calls out the score after each point (builds awareness and leadership) or keep the score on a scoreboard.

Losers run suicides. If they lose by more than 10, add push-ups.

Keep track of efficiency by recording how points were scored.
On a clipboard or piece of paper, write Home and Guest at the top.
Keep a running tally of points using shorthand: B-basket, S-steal, R-rebound, F-foul, T-turnover.
When the drill ends, count the individual area totals.

Home B6, R10, F5, T-2, S4=27 Guest B12, R4, F7, T-3=2

In this example the Home team won the scrimmage but would lose the game 24-12. The Guest team out scored them 2-1 but didn’t rebound well and had no steals. How does this information affect your practice and game planning?

Crunch Time: Call a time out at 6 the minute mark. Have the team discuss it’s “Close Out Strategy” Points in the last 2 minutes are doubled. Crunch Time teaches players to develop a plan and work hard to come from behind or protect a lead.

Crunch Time can be run as a separate drill for either 2-4 minutes. Same rules as above but points are not doubled.

EXTRA CREDIT: Have players keep track of their Mental Errors or ME’s. Along the same lines as the drill, every time a player fouls or commits a turnover, a Mental Error, it’s a point, It’s the same for every time his/her man scores or gets a rebound. The goal is to have as few points or ME’s, as possible at the end of the game.  No points, no Mental Errors, means a great game! Players are on the honor system here but you can ask how many they had!


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