Post Moves

Every player can post a defensive man. However, we generally associate posting a player to the High or Low post, the foul line, elbow or box, respectively, but anywhere near the basket or in the paint will work. Even better, once you master the footwork you can catch the ball with your back to the basket at any spot on the floor.

Have players make 2 lines
Shooters on the High Post
Passers on the wing
The passer throws the ball to the shooter
The shooter, Pivots to the basket into the first move and shoots
The shooter rebounds the ball and outlets to the wing/passer
After one rotation the team, goes to the next move
Continue until all the moves are completed.

  1. Triple Threat Shot
  2. Head Fake/Ball Fake
  3. Pivot (Quarter)
  4. Jab Step
  5. Step Back
  6. Power Dribble
  7. Cross Step
  8. Relocation

Coaching Points

  • Start the drill with players pivoting to their left
  • After several rotations, have the players pivot right
  • Make sure players “sweep” through the defender
  • Make sure players power dribble with the outside hand
  • Make sure players “Up & Down” on their shots (don’t drift, don’t fall away or lean forward)
  • Make sure players follow through on their shots
  • Make sure players finish their footwork before they rebound.
  • Players should get to the rebound before it hits the ground (if possible)
  • Players should throw quick and accurate Outlet Passes

Team Drill: (Repetition) Have team members make one move for several shots/scores or rotations before going to the next move. OR the team can make one move for a set time before going to the next move.

Individual Drill: (Sequence). Sequence Drills teach the player to complete different moves from the same spot on the floor. A player must score on a move before he/she goes to the next one in the sequence and by making the moves one after another, it teaches spontaneity. A player completes a set when he/she scores on each move in the sequence. Players usually finish 3-5 sets to complete a Super Set. Spots: High Post, left and right elbow and left and right box.

*Power Dribble – Hard dribble accompanied by a short step that explodes into a jump shot.

PDF: NYB Post Moves rev

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