Entertainers Basketball Classic at Rucker Park

EBC 30

The Entertainers Basketball Classic starts Monday June 29th. There are two games every night scheduled from 6 -10 (weather permitting.) Rainsite: Gaucho Gym. If you’re in NYC as a visitor make sure to come through and see your favorite players from every basketball league in the world (NBA included), also we have regular surprise musical performances. If you’re already in the city, then you should know about the tradition upheld here at Rucker Park. Come be a part of the greatest streetball court in the world.



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3 responses to “Entertainers Basketball Classic at Rucker Park

  1. rene

    Hi i want join my son to the ebc tournament youth his 12 year old

  2. Brandon Dawson

    when does the ebc usually start in the summer (2017)

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