Holcombe Rucker Summer Tournament

Holcombe Rucker Logo

Schedule and Standings

12 U Pre-Teen Boys
14 U Middle School Boys
16 U Junior Boys
18 U Senior Boys
12 U Pre-Teen Girls
14 U Middle School Girl
18 U Senior Girls

2015 65th Annual Holcombe Rucker Summer Basketball All Star Game



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3 responses to “Holcombe Rucker Summer Tournament

  1. Reblogged this on NY S.U.B.O.A. and commented:

    What’s summer basketball without the Holcombe Rucker Tournament!

  2. John Dawson

    When is the next 16 and under boys basketball touraments. Cost

    • Most summer tournaments start before Fathers Day. With a 6-7 game schedule and playoffs, if they don’t start in June they won’t get all the games in before the kids go back to school. There is a small chance something will start this weekend. If I hear of anything, i’ll post it.

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