Rebounding and Outlet Passing

Basketbal box outHere’s a quick outline on Defensive Rebounding and Outlet Passing.


  1. Box Out
  2. Go after the ball
  3. CHIN IT
  4. Pivot
  5. Outlet
  6. Fill the lane
  7. Finish

What is the time and score?
What does the team need given the time and score?
Where are your team mates?
Where is the best pass or scoring opportunity?

  • Look up court for the fast break
  • Look to the wing
  • Look to center the ball near half court
  • NEVER pass below the foul line!
  • Run to “fill a lane” and catch up with the play
  • “BIGs” may have to run from box to box. Reward their effort. If not immediately, within a play or two.

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