SMARTBall Classic


Smartball on Flicker – Click Photo

The YES Inc. SMARTBall Classic brought to you by Rudy King and Russel Shuler is an invitation only single-game elimination high school basketball tournament for college-interested student-athletes held in New York City’s Abraham Lincoln Park, Harlem, NY (135th Street & 5th Ave).

The YES Inc. SMARTBall Classic is a unique opportunity that connects talented student-athletes with the college prep services of the YES Inc. Learning Academy. The YES Inc. Learning Academy is a supplementary educational program created in collaboration with Teachers College, Columbia University and the College Board.

YES Inc. is the competitive advantage for student-athletes. Founded in 1980, the mission of YES Inc. is “To Get Student-Athletes ‘In Need’ College Ready”. They provide supplementary services to prepare college-interested student-athletes to meet state graduation requirements; qualify for the college of their choice; and satisfy the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) to qualify for full athletic scholarships. The services of the YES Inc. Learning Academy help student-athletes make the successful transition from high school to college and prepare for life after sports participation.


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  1. Joe Almeida

    Good stuff!.. will check it out!

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