Summer Basketball Practice Goals

Congratulations! You are now a middle school graduate. You maintained an 85 average and got into the high school you wanted. You know, the school with the academics and graduation rate mom and dad were comfortable with and the great basketball team. Your best friend is a serious baller at 6”3” and is going also. You’re summer team is playing in Rucker, Dyckman, Rod Strickland, Gunhill and Hoops in the Sun. You’ll get a lot of basketball time and play more than 30 games against some of the best including the Gauchos, Riverside, Milbank and a bunch of house teams loaded with talent.

Life looks good, but you need to up your game to make a name. You want to make the freshman team as a starter, maybe even the Varsity. So don’t waste your summer. You need to work on your game, not just play games.

You need to start now because open gym starts two weeks after school opens. Team tryouts are a month after that. The first game is a month later. You are being watched. You are being tracked. They are on you every time you step on the court so GET BETTER!

You need habits that are going to make you better. You need habits that are going to make you a winner. Make these things habits by connecting them to your life.

For example: Get up at the same time every day. Drink a glass of water. Take care of your personals. Get dressed for a workout. Drink a glass of water. Go run or go shoot. Shower and get ready for the day. Have breakfast before you leave home. If you have to get up earlier to get this all done, Get Up Earlier!

I know a kid that would do his body work every night when the Simpsons came on (about 8 pm). He eventually worked up 300 pushups every workout. He had more upper body strength than everyone on his freshman team and more than most of the freshman in NYC. The work paid off as he was a starter, had a great season and his team won the Freshman CHSAA title that year. Start with these:

basketball player 3Summer Basketball Practice Goals:

  1. Run every other morning until school starts
  2. Shoot 300 shots or more every other day
  3. Do pushups and squats every night
  4. Every run day, do body weight exercises
  5. Every shooting day, do dribbling and footwork drills

Make Varsity In 10 Weeks: Part One – Shooting and Conditioning


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