Dave Porter and Rising Stars Need Your Help!


Fellas United in Parkchester on Flickr – Click Here

Summer basketball is at its peak as we enter August with lots of tournaments scheduled to wrap up in the next few weeks so the hard–working organizers can spend some time with their families before the kids go back to school. Dave Porter annually runs a tournament in Parkchester (the Bronx) and most years, he gets small donations from local businesses or pays for the tournament himself. This year, a funder has reneged on promised support and, for the benefit of the kids and community rather than cancel, DAVE WANTS TO FINISH THE TOURNAMENT. DAVE PORTER NEEDS YOUR HELP.

He needs REFEREES to VOLUNTEER a game (or 2) so he can finish the tournament. The schedule is below. Pick a date and Contact Dave Porter at dzporter@yahoo.com to volunteer to referee a game (or 2).*  I’ll be there to volunteer a game. I hope to see you there!

About Dave Porter:

For the last few years, he’s paid for and run a tournament called Fella’s United in the same park Eric Jones runs City Legendz.

For more than 10 years as a volunteer with others, Dave ran the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club the FirSTep Basketball program created by Dave Nelson.

As a volunteer, when Dave was not coaching the Kips Bay Mustangs and other teams, he was driving and picking up kids from practice. (He drove and picked up the only NYC team to win Big Time Las Vegas. Several of those guys went on to play in the NBA.)

In the past 20 years, if you lived in the Bronx, Dave has probably coached your child and helped him or her become a better basketball player.

Now it’s your turn. REFEREES: VOLUNTEER A GAME (or 2). Dave is already an EVERYDAY HEROE. Now is your chance to join him. Thank you!

* Got Money; Pay the referee fees for a game or 2 or the remainder of the tournament!

Chuck Vasser

Rising Stars Schedule

August 3rd: 2 (Green) vs. 4 (Grey) 5:00 pm

August 4th:
1 (Sky Blue) vs. 7 (Burnt Orange) 5:00 pm
3 (Gold) vs. 5 (Purple) 6:00 pm
1 (Sky Blue) vs. 6 (Red) 7:00 pm

August 5th: 2 (Green) vs. 8 (Forest Green) 5:00 pm

August 6th: 4 (Grey) vs. 7 (Burnt Orange) 5:00 pm

August 7th:
2 (Green) vs. 6 (Red) 4:00 pm
3 (Gold) vs. 7 (Burnt Orange) 5:00 pm
4 (Grey) vs. 5 (Purple) 6:00 pm
1 (Sky Blue) vs. 8 (Forest Green) 7:00 pm

Playoffs (Top 4 Seeds)
August 11th: 2 vs. 3 5:30
August 12th: 1 vs. 4 5:30
August 13th: Championship (Gm 1 winner vs. Gm 2 winner) 5:00 pm
August 14th: Award Ceremony 5:00 pm


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