63 Things A Working Basketball Official Should Know

chuck the ref

Chuck Vasser, referee at Barclay Center


We ask every referee to “stay in the book” and as the 2015-2016 season approaches,  the timeless piece 63 Things You Should Know As A Working Basketball Official should be in your bag inside your rule book. 

A Work In Progress
by Charles Lloyd

The following suggestions are based on the experiences of basketball officials and are not intended to be the complete or definitive list. Your suggestions and additions are encouraged.


1. Prepare your official’s equipment and bag at least 48 hours before game time, whenever possible. Make sure everything is cleaned and pressed! Take extra shoelaces.

2. When packing your bag, start with your feet and as you move towards your head, place the respective items in your bag as you “name” them on your body.

3. Avoid traveling with your partner(s) to the same assigned game. If you are delayed, neither official will…

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