Are You A Winner?


screen-beans-with trophy-325254The guy that hits several late game 3 pointers after 0-7 shooting to propel his team to a win changed that game but is he a game changer you can rely on? Don’t confuse late game heroics with winning ways. Winners find ways to contribute to the team effort even when they’re not having a great shooting night. They expect a high level of performance and recognize they’re off before we do.  Winners do other things to win and their stats prove it.

Lots of people win games and championships that may be the pinnacle of a winning season or career. They have won but that doesn’t make them all Winners just as the losing team doesn’t become a team of Losers. Winners are people that will settle for nothing less than winning. They want a perfect season every season. Every loss, for them, is personal and they ask themselves what more they could have done to bring home the victory. And the next game, they do what they didn’t do the game before or they work on it in the off-season so they become less vulnerable. They change the game with their skills, drive and motivation. Winning is an attitude not just a thing.

Winners are Game Changers when they walk on the court. They don’t wait for late game heroics but can provide them if necessary. Winners make the other guy dread having to play their team.

Winners are motivated by how it feels to win and work for it every game. They are not motivated by loss. Often, they don’t know what loss feels like and they don’t want to know.

To be a Winner add to the win every game. Develop the skills to get your job done at a high level consistently. Remember, if the other guy is out there practicing, you should be out there practicing better not necessarily harder and longer, i.e., your practice shooting percentage must be high enough that, even in tough games, your shooting will be better than the other guys. Are you a Player or are you a Winner?

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