Better Balling -Disrespect Your Opponent:

basketball-playerThe best game I ever saw my son, Charles Vasser, play was DISRESPECTFUL. The AAU season had just ended and the summer kicked off with an All Star Showcase weekend. He was reppin’ the Bronx and warming up before a game versus Brooklyn. He was approached by one of the best incoming freshman point guards in the city. The player said something and my son stepped backed, looked him up and down, and stepped forward as if he was going to throw a punch. He didn’t, but proceeded to let his game do the talking. He elevated his game 2, maybe 3 levels and proved, “You don’t know who you’re messing with. You don’t know me.”

I congratulated him on a great game and asked him what the other player had said. He had already moved on. I explained the interaction I had seen before the game and he replied, “Oh, that.  He said he had “heard about me and that I wasn’t $@#%.” DISRESPECTFUL! Don’t be that guy. Walk it. Don’t talk it. Be DISRESPECTFUL.

·        Score on your opponent every play
·        Don’t let him touch the ball on offense or defense
·        No matter his ability or what he believes, shut him down
·        Play better against him today because of what you learned yesterday
·        Respect his ability and disrespect it, not him, very chance you get


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