How To Learn A Play

basketball pick playIt’s like learning math when you were a kid.


Picture, in your head or draw on paper, 2 dots and 3 more dots and count the dots.

There are five.

(You will remember better if you draw a picture on paper).

Picture a court on a clipboard, use a clipboard or draw a half court paper.

Draw circles for players in their starting locations.

Number the players 1-5.

Draw a dot for the ball next to a circle (player).

Draw lines ending in arrow heads for direction.

Solid lines are cuts.

Zigzag lines are dribbles.

Dotted lines are passes.

Picks are cuts with a T at the end.

Put in all the movements.

If one thing happens after another (sequence) write a, b, c to indicate what happens – 1 passes to 2 (a), 1 then sets a pick for 4 (b).

If they happen at the same time (simultaneously) make them both a’s – 1 passes to 2 (a), 3 sets a pick for 4 (a).

If the play has more than one option, draw more than one picture.

It’s important to understand the reason for movement if there is not an immediate shot or move to the basket but that should become clear as the play develops.

Do this as often as you need to until you remember the play and the options.

NYB How to Learn A Play – PDF


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