Eric Weaver: Mr. NYC Referee

I grew up with my grandmother C. Jones saying, “Don’t hurt your arm patting yourself on the back.”. Lots of years later, Facebook, Instagram and all this other stuff came along with selfies, self-pub and shout outs. Times have changed and I need to flip the script because there are genuinely some folks out there that deserve a wider audience and greater respect. They already get much love from the pub but there are lots of other folks that could benefit from the insights they share and the love and dedication eric weaverthat have for Basketball, especially New York Basketball.

I had the pleasure of working with Eric Weaver a couple of weeks ago and I’m really sorry we don’t get a chance to work together more often. Consider him Mr. NYC Referee. He has worked just about every tournament in NYC and universally players and tournament directors alike are glad to have him on a game. The higher the stakes the better. He brings a Zen-like calm to most games. He also has the ability to create a pre and post-game atmosphere that puts most folks at ease regardless of how the game went. Most folks don’t realize he works out and eats right on a regular basis to stay tight. Jalal Khweiss, IAABO 2015-2016 HIGH SCHOOL REFEREE FORUM, recently asked in a post, can a referee work multiple levels during a season. E is one of the guys that can slips in and out of different levels faster than most guys change their jerseys. Some off you younger guys may be fortunate enough to work with him this summer. Look forward to it.

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    NYC referees form a unique fraternity in basketball. Here is one of the members.

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