Hey Ref, “What Game Are You Watching?”

I been asked “What Game Are You Watching?” disrespectfully and in a friendly way. How do you handle it?


Mike MontgomerySure, a coach can say, “What game are you watching?” in a jocular manner but more often it’s said disrespectfully. As a referee, if you are addressed in an inappropriate way during a game, you should handle it immediately. In an even, professional tone, loud enough to be heard from an reasonable distance, you should say, “That comment is unsportsmanlike. This is a warning” and keep moving. Do not stop the game. Do not glare at the coach.  Most importantly, don’t get into verbal volleyball. Sure you can ultimately toss the coach,  but if you escalated the situation by answering and in an attempt to regain control, after an embarrassing comment, you tossed the coach, you made a bad move. However, if the coach continues or makes other inappropriate comments, they’ve earned a technical foul.

For the record,  coaches and referees do not watch the same game.

Coaches are offense-centric.
1. They’re watching…

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