Shooting Tips

basketball shooterGood technique and shot selection will make you a high percentage shooter. Lots of practice will make you a great shooter. Your shot doesn’t have to be “textbook”. If it works for you, that’s ok, if you practice it enough, but better mechanics will get you there faster.

  • Square Up (both shoulders facing he rim)for shot
  • Shooting elbow at 90 degree angle
  • Elbows in towards your sides
  • Shoot from the shoulder
  • Wrist behind and below ball center
  • Fingertips, not palm, on ball
  • Off hand fingertips on side
  • Don’t rush
  • Focus on a spot inside the front rim
  • Jump straight up and come down straight
  • Breathe out as you release ball up – not out
  • Snap your wrist
  • Roll ball off fingers for good rotation
  • Follow through forward
  • Rebound, if you have to

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