High School vs. AAU Basketball

VASSER pantherI read and responded to a post recently that said HS basketball would be dead in 10 years.  It suggested AAU programs provide better exposure and allow greater convenience for scouts and coaches.  It went on to say that personal trainers would perfect the skills of rising stars.  Maybe in some parts of the country but in NYC where a lot of inner city families are struggling to get their bills paid, I doubt basketball will go the way of gymnastics. Thumbs Up to the guys that run tournaments and “park clinics” so kids can get exposure and develop better skills because most NYC kids aren’t going to private/tuition schools, working with trainers or involved in Blue Chip AAU programs.

A long-time friend and HS coach who I greatly admire and respect recently “accused” me of being part of the problem. He reminded me I was one of those parents that built (helped build 15 years ago) an AAU program so my son could get time and exposure and after my son got to where he needed to go, I left the program. He was right. I did.  Well, mostly right. I stayed a long time after my son left the program and I am still involved in basketball  on a lot of levels. We don’t have to “Give Back” but I believe we should and have an obligation to share. When it comes to New York Basketball, you have to consider whether you’re dropping knowledge and legacy you’re leaving.

Did I mention: The article I read was written by a Recruiter/Recruiting Service. Could be a bit of bias there.



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2 responses to “High School vs. AAU Basketball

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    My response to whether HS Basketball will be dead in 10 years.

  2. http://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/the-recruiting-game/recruiting-game-high-schools-no-longer-are-coaches-focal-point
    It seems HS vs. AAU is a trending topic. Here is another recruiter’s opinion. It’s more moderate than saying HS basketball is dead. I’d like to hear from HS and AAU coaches on this issue.

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