Are NYC Ballers Slipping?

direct-LI read a recent Facebook post and the author said the quality of NYC basketball has fallen drastically and suggested the burden of the fall rests on the shoulders of NYC coaches. I agree NYC kids could benefit from better coaching, but kids need to work at being better players and better students. Kids use to want to be the TOTAL PACKAGE. Kids who wanted to be good spent tons of time in the gym and on the playground getting everything as good as they could. No one uses the term TP anymore. Now kids get by on the one or two moves they’ve got and since no one asks for more they don’t give more. It’s the same in school. It’s up to the kid to get his/her school work done. S/he’s the one who’s got to take the tests. Sure we can ask if they did their homework and we can check report cards, but, like basketball, it comes down to one on one with a text book. I compare NYC basketball with the NBA and players from other countries. The guys from other countries that want to play in the NBA work really, really hard on everything just to get noticed by a NBA team. Kids outside of New York work hard because the want to beat New York kids to scholarships. Are our kids slipping? They need to step up regardless of who they play for.


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