5 In 5 Daily 9-10-16

  1. Team A scores and before the throw-in is completed by team B, A-2 is charged with an intentional personal foul near the end line. Team B is not in the bonus. The official awards team B two free throws and rules team B’s throw-in is now a designated spot throw-in. Is the official correct?
  2. A-1’s first free throw is successful but the second free throw is unsuccessful. After the second free throw has ended and before B-2 secures the rebound, A-2 fouls B-2. The error is now recognized. The official cancels the free throw and the common foul on A-2. Is the official correct?
  3. A-1 is in the act of shooting when B-2 is assessed a technical foul. A-1 continues the motion and is fouled by B-1. The try is successful. The official awards A-1 one free throw followed by administering the technical foul and awarding team A the ball at the division line opposite the scorer’s table. Is the official correct?
  4. A-1, while dribbling, bats the ball over the head of B-1. A-1 runs several feet around B-1 and catches the ball before it hits the floor. The official rules a violation. Is the official correct?
  5. A-1 is bleeding and the official directs A-1 to the bench to be replaced. Team A has one 60 second time-out remaining and one 30 second time-out remaining. The coach signals to the official that he/she wants a 30 second time-out to keep A-1 in the game. The official rules a 30 second time-out may not be used if a 60 second time-out remains. Is the official correct?


  1. direct-LYes   7-5-7b
  2. No    2-10-4
  3. No    4-19-12, 8-6-2
  4. No    4-15-2, 4-15-4a
  5. No    3-3-6

NOTE: Referees are taught to base their actions on the rules. If ANY part of the referee’s action/administration is wrong then the referee is incorrect, i.e., Team A scores, Team B calls a time out. After the time out, the ball is given to Team B for a designated spot throw in. The referee is incorrect.

5 In 5 Basketball I.Q.

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5 responses to “5 In 5 Daily 9-10-16

  1. Reblogged this on NY S.U.B.O.A. and commented:

    Are you keeping score? 55 days to the Refresher Exam.

  2. Great quiz!! Some feedback: A1 is easier to read than A-1 and conforms to rules book standard. Question 2 is poorly worded. Error discovered? How? What should it have been?

  3. Jeff M Cunningham

    #3 the official was correct. You stated when B2 is assessed a “T” A1 is in the act of shooting, so it counts. Then you do in order of occurance

    • “The tries will be attempted in the order in which they occurred”. The tech was first. The foul on the shooter second. The official administered the shots in the wrong order.

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