5 In 5 Daily 9-18-16

  1. While the ball is in the air on a jump ball to start the first overtime period, B2 commits an intentional personal foul on A2. The official has the scorer set the possession arrow when A2 receives the ball for the first free throw. Is the official correct?
  2. While A1 is in the act of shooting and before releasing the ball, a double personal foul is charged. A1 continues the motion and scores. The official cancels the try and awards the ball back to team A. Is the official correct?
  3. A1 is awarded a one and one. During the second free throw and before the free throw ends, B2 commits a common foul. While the official is reporting the foul, the scorer notifies the official that team A was not in the bonus. The official cancels both the free throws and the foul on B2. Is the official correct?
  4. Prior to A1 releasing the ball on a free throw, A2 fouls B2, then A3 steps into the lane. The bonus is in effect. The official ignores A3’s violation and rules a team control foul. Is the official correct?
  5. A1 is dribbling when the ball momentarily gets away from him/her. During the interrupted dribble, A1 commits a common foul on B1. Team B is in the bonus. The official awards B1 a one and one. Is the official correct?
  1. No   4-3-3b
  2. Yes  4-36-1, 6-7-7, 4-11
  3. Yes  2-10-4
  4. Yes  4-12-2a, 4-19-7, 6-7-5
  5. No   4-12-1 & 2a, 4-19-7, 10-6-Penalties 1b

NOTE: Basketball referee’s make officiating look easy. But consider the reality. Basketball referees make split second decisions with 2 coaches to 20,000 people watching their every move. Even when they aren’t blowing the whistle, they are deciding whether a score is a 2 or 3, whether someone is closely guard or whether actions or language are appropriate. Free throw administration can be especially thorny. The best referees are really good with free throw administration connected to fouls, common, technical and administrative, bonus throws, player/team control, possession/alternate possession rules and correctable errors.

5 In 5 Basketball I.Q.

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