5 In 5 Daily 9-21-16

  1.  A1 is injured and directed to the bench. The official instructs the timer to start the 15 second clock. Just as the interval begins, B6 and B7 approach the scorer’s table to enter the game. The official denies B6 and B7 from entering the game. Is the official correct?
  2. As the ball comes through the net, A1 grabs the ball and while straddling the end line throws a long pass to a teammate. The official sounds the whistle and charges A1 with a throw-in violation. Is the official correct?
  3. A1 is awarded a one and one. While the ball is in flight on the free throw, a double personal foul is assessed followed by A1 committing a free throw violation. The possession arrow favors team A. The official uses the alternating possession arrow to resume play. Is the official correct?
  4. Prior to A1 releasing the ball for a one and one, A2 commits a common foul on B2. Team B is in the bonus. Following A1’s free throws, the official awards B2 a one and one. Is the official correct?
  5. A1 is fouled and awarded a one and one. The official mistakenly has A1 attempt the free throws at the wrong basket. A1 makes both free throws. Prior to the ball being at the disposal of team B, the error is recognized. The official cancels the free throws and awards A1 his/her free throws at A’s basket and resumes play using the alternating possession procedure. Is the official correct?


  1. BingosAllStarsNo   3‐3‐1a, 3-3‐1d
  2. Yes  4‐42-2
  3. No   4‐36-2b
  4. No   4‐12-1 & 2a, 4-19-7, 10-6 Penalties 1b
  5. No   2‐10‐4 & 5 & 6

5 In 5 Basketball I.Q.

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