5 In 5 Daily 10-2-16

  1. The official beckons substitute A6 into the game to replace A5. Upon A6 legally entering the court, A5 becomes bench personnel. Is this correct?
  2. During play an official notices that A1 is bleeding. The official stops play and directs A1 to the bench to be replaced. Team A takes a timeout. Following the timeout A1 enters the court. The official allows A1 to remain in the game. Is the official correct?
  3. While A1’s throw-in is in the air, A2 commits a common foul on B2. The official rules this a team control foul. Is the official correct?
  4. The home team comes onto the court with all its players wearing red headbands and white wristbands. The school colors are red and white. The official rules the headbands and wristbands are legal. Is the official correct?
  5. A1, while airborne and in control of the ball, requests a timeout as momentum is carrying him/her out of bounds. The official grants the request. Is the official correct?


  1. Yes 4-34-3
  2. Yes 3-3-7
  3. Yes 4-19-2; 4-19-7
  4. No  3-5-4a
  5. Yes 5-8-3a; 4-12-1

5 In 5 Basketball I.Q.

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