5 In 5 Daily 10-10-16

  1. Team A’s coach is charged with an unsporting technical foul. The official notifies the scorer that the foul counts toward reaching the bonus. Is the official correct?
  2. A1’s throw-in is deflected by B1 right back to A1 who is still out of bounds. The official rules that B1 caused the ball to be out of bounds and awards the ball back to Team A for the throw-in. Is the official correct?
  3. A1’s try is touched by B1 on its upward flight. After this, time expires while the ball is in flight. The ball enters the basket. The official disallows the basket. Is the official correct?
  4. While A1’s try is in flight, Team A still has team control. Is this correct?
  5. A1 is fouled while in the act of shooting as time expires. A1 continues the motion and the ball goes through the basket. The official counts the basket. Is the official correct?referee-hands
  1. Yes 4-19-13
  2. No  7-2-1; 7-2-2
  3. No  4-41-4; 5-1-1
  4. No  4-12-3a
  5. Yes 6-7-6; CB 6-7 Exception 7c

5 In 5 Basketball I.Q.
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NOTE: Know the Rules AND the Cases. I was taught “BANG-BANG” plays are the ones that get you in trouble. BANG-BANGs are the ones where two or three things happen. You have to be careful about how those thing affect all parts of the adjudication including but mot limited to scoring, free throws, possession, throw-in, team foul count and possession.

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