5 In 5 Daily 10-21-16

  1. A supporter for Team A, seated behind Team A’s bench in a team shirt, repeatedly makes remarks inciting the players to inappropriate behavior. The official advises Team A’s coach that s/he will penalize the team if the supporter interferes with game administration. Is the official correct?
  2. A6 legally reports to the table to enter the game. Prior to A1’s first of two free throw attempts, it is discovered B1 is bleeding. The official requests a substitute for B1.  The official allows B6 and A6 to enter the game. Is the official correct?
  3. A1 throws the ball from the backcourt and hits the official who is in frontcourt. The ball rebounds to the backcourt and is recovered by A2. The official lets play continue. Is the official correct?
  4. A1 is behind the three point line and throws a pass to A2 who is cutting toward the basket. The ball bounces off A2 who is in the 2 point area and goes through A’s basket. The referee makes no signal and allows play to continue. The score keeper credits Team A with 3 points. At the next dead ball, Team B objects to the score. The referee allows the score to stand. Is the referee correct?
  5. B1 enters the lane early while A1 is attempting a free throw. However, A1’s free throw does not enter the basket or hit the rim. No free throw follows the attempt. Play resumes with an alternate possession throw in at a  designated spot outside the end line. Is the referee correct?
  1. 1-chuck the refYes 2-8-1 See note
  2. Yes 3-3-1C ex
  3. No  9-9-2
  4. No  2-11
  5. Yes 6-4-3

I officiated a kids game at state park facility where a fan was out of control even though there were state police in the gym. The fan was sitting several rows behind the scorer’s table,  had a rude comment for just about every play, so it was difficult to tell who he was for or against. Late in the game I called a foul and as the fouling player walked passed me he made an inappropriate remark. I was shocked that a kid so young would use such language. He had said it low and in passing so I don’t believe anyone else heard what he said. I initially hesitated but then loudly and clearly blew my whistle and called a technical foul. As I walked to the reporting area, the fan was losing it again. As I reported, I realized the fan looked enough like the player to be a relative, perhaps enough to be his father.

5 In 5 Exams


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