Bronx NeON Basketball

NeON Arts offers young people in seven New York City communities the chance to explore the arts through a variety of creative projects at local community-based probation offices called Neighborhood Opportunity Networks (NeONs). The Weill Music Institute facilitates the program’s grant-making process, coordinates citywide NeON events, and works with organizations and NeON stakeholders to ensure that each project, including planning and implementation, and is a collaboration that benefits the entire community.

The Bronx NeON Program is a collaborative Basketball Program among the NYC Department of Probation, Phipps Neighborhood Houses, NYPD 43 Precinct and NYBasketball. Typical of basketball programs there are shirts, playoffs and championships. Atypical is the support by off-duty probation officers and player participation by police officers from the 43rd precinct and PSAL High School coaches. They are there every week to interact and support the players, almost 40%, who are on probation.

Each week everyone participates in a Life & NYBasketball discussion between games. Topics cover game situations related to social interactions and are reinforced with weekly emails that do more than post the schedule, standings and high scorers. The Life & NYBasketball Newsletter also discusses Decision Making, Trust, How to find a Job or How to Get into College  as a Student Athlete among other topics.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Frederick Douglass

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