50th Anniversary

I’m going. See you there!


Join us for the

50th Anniversary Banquet

at Villa Barone June 23-8pm

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4 responses to “50th Anniversary

  1. Shamane Mouzon

    Had my Father In Law (Edward L. Mouzon) still been with us, he’d be there! I’m sure he’ll be partying in heaven!!! Hope you all have a wonderful celebration. My now 16 year old, follows in his steps, playing ball! Thank you all for what you meant to him. God bless you all at S.U.B.O.A.

    • I miss Ed Mouzon. He was my mentor when I became a referee 20 years ago. God Bless you and the family.

      • Shamane Mouzon

        Thank you Mr. Vasser! I absolutely remember you. “Dad” spoke of you often and always in the BEST way. My two boys were his life… My oldest is 16 now and the youngest will be 11. They miss him so much. My oldest plays for his H.S., he’s almost 6’3. Dad would have been so very proud of him, although I know he’s watching over him always. Definitely following in his grandfathers footsteps. Thanks for all you meant to him.

      • Thank you very much. Take a look at the following link. It has tips and drills that may help your boys become even better players. Feel free to call (my number is on the bottom of the ebook) or email me. Thanks again. https://nybasketball.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/nyb-ebook-make-varsity.pdf

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