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IAABO Officials vs. Cancer

The annual Officials vs. Cancer campaign starts tomorrow.  Officials are encouraged to wear their pink whistles during the campaign, January 22-28, 2018.  To make a donation, please send your check or money order to your board Point of Contact or mail it directly to:  Officials vs. Cancer, P.O. Box 355, Carlisle, PA  17013.

To make a donation online, click on the following URL:

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Respect The Ref

“The hardest job in basketball is officiating. The game is fast paced with lots of things happening at once. Many of the rules are extremely difficult to interpret “on the run,” and no matter what is called, there will always be someone in the gym who saw the play differently. We are very fortunate that there are people around who will even take the job at all. Please, RESPECT THE REF.”


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NYB 5 in 5 Q4

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NYB 5 In 5 Q3

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5 In 5 Daily 10-31-16

  1. Following a time-out, free thrower A-1 delays by not entering the semi-circle. The official charges A-1 with a technical foul. Is the official correct?
  2. A-1 is awarded one free throw. Team B occupies the first marked lane spaces on each side but does not occupy the third marked lane space. A-2 and A-3 occupy the second and third marked lane spaces along one side. The official allows this alignment. Is the official correct?
  3. A-1, while holding the ball, is straddling the division line. A-1 lifts the foot that is in the backcourt then puts it back down in the backcourt. The official rules this a backcourt violation. Is the official correct?
  4. A-1, who is dribbling from the backcourt to the frontcourt, has both feet in the frontcourt while dribbling in the backcourt. The official continues the 10 second count. Is the official correct?
  5. While A-1 is dribbling, B-1 bats the ball away. A-1 recovers the ball and starts another dribble. Official rules this a double dribble. Is the official correct?
  1. ref-john-simmsNo  4-38, 8-1, 8-2
  2. Yes 8-1-4e
  3. Yes 4-4-2, 9-9-1
  4. Yes 4-4-6, 4-4-1, 9-8
  5. No  4-15-4d, 9-5-2

NOTE: 4th Quarter. You read the Rule Book. You’ve been studying. You’ve read the Case Book. Now is the time to ask about those things you are still unsure about.

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