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Life & NYB – Relationships

It is the championship game. You have the ball and a 1 point lead with 24 seconds left, no time outs, both teams are in the bonus. One of your teammates needs 3 points to win the scoring title. What do you do?

There are some options below. Think about them carefully. Your decisions will be based on your Relationship to the team, the coach and the players. You may want to skip to the bottom and read the definition of relationship before you answer!

  • You pass the ball to your teammate who needs three points.
    • TRUST
  • You keep the ball away from your teammate that needs three points.
    • No TRUST
  • You keep control of the ball and do not take a shot until time runs out.
  • You wait until there is 8 seconds and you pass the ball to the teammate that needs three points.
    • CHOICE

The Good of the Individual versus the Good of the Team.

What is more important? Always?

YOUR GOOD versus His/Her Good

Consider work – Consider relationships

Happiness and Selfishness

Can the two things coexist?

RELATIONSHIP: the way in which two or more people or things are connected: Connection,  association,  link

TRUST: firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something: Confidence, belief, faith

LOYALTY: a strong feeling of support or allegiance: Duty, dedication, commitment

SELFISH: lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure: Inconsiderate, thoughtless, uncaring

Life & NYB – Relationships is part of a discussion series designed to make better people and players. Click the link for the handout and the accompanying Fast Five from the Foul Line Drill.

Bronx NeON Basketball

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Scoring Made Easy

Recently, I watched an athletic High School girl grab a bunch of rebounds and not score during a game. She played most of the game but only took 3-4 shots. We wound up in the same elevator after the game. I said, “You don’t shoot enough”. She said, “They never pass me the ball”. That was true, but it was also true she never made herself available. She always set up on the weak side. The shots she took didn’t have a chance of going in. She allowed the defender to stand between her and the ball. She was generally “out of position” and not a factor in the game. How do you make her a better scorer?

Run the Floor: You need to get in rebounding and shooting positions before the ball is available. Hustle to where you think the ball is going to be.

Offensive Rebounds are your friend. Get lots of them if you can and score immediately. You are 3-10 feet from the basket.

Defensive Rebounds should be rewarded.  Run the floor. Get into position. Look to get the ball back.

Positioning: Use footwork to get where you want to be. Flash to open positions rather than fight for them. Create clear passing lanes in front of or to the side of the ball handler about 10 feet away. Make eye contact with the ball handler. Give him/her a passing target.

Face the Basket: Once you get the ball, immediately face and square to the basket prepared to shoot. This is the Triple Threat position.

SHOOT: Don’t hesitate.

Blast: Go right past your defender. Get your head and shoulders past him/her and “pin” them by stepping just outside of his/her foot.

Sweep: Firmly hold the ball on one side of your body and strongly bring it to the other side. Complete the move by shooting or stepping into a jump shot or drive.

Fake: Head Fake, Ball Fake, Jab Step – these moves will freeze the defender or cause him/her to move or lean in the wrong direction giving you the opportunity to take a shot.

Step back: To create a little space so you can get a shot off.

Pass: Why? You have worked hard to get in position. Passing is the most dangerous part of a play. The pass itself doesn’t get you a score and the ball can be tipped away or stolen.

Be Part of Every Play: Work hard on every play. Don’t be the last person up the court. The shot will be taken before you ever get there.

Make Your Shots: Nothing is more frustrating than someone missing an easy shot. If that’s you consistently, you won’t get the ball. Become a good shooter. Your teammates will have greater confidence in passing you the ball!

Fight Frustration: You will feel the ball handler should have passed you the ball more often. If you do the things above, you will.

cv_avitar_fb scoring-made-easy pdf

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5 In 5 Daily 10-1-16

  1. During a throw-in with 0:00.3 of a second on the game clock, A2 catches the ball and attempts a try for goal. The try is successful. The official counts the basket. Is the official correct?
  2. Team A is granted a 60 second timeout. After 20 seconds Team A wants to resume play. Official rules that Team B must break the huddle and resume play immediately. Is the official correct?
  3. Airborne shooter A1 fouls B1. The try is successful. The official charges A1 with a player control foul and disallows the basket. Is the official correct?
  4. Following a successful field goal, team B has the ball out of bounds for a throw-in when A1 fouls B2 near the end line, prior to the bonus. Official allows team B to move along the end line. Is the official correct?
  5. While A1’s pass is in flight towards A2, A1 fouls B1. Team B is in the bonus. The official awards B1 a one and one. Is the official correct?


  1. No  5-2-5
  2. No  5-11-2
  3. Yes 4-19-6; 5-1-2
  4. Yes 7-5-7b
  5. N0  4-12-2b 4-19-7; 10-6 Penalties 1b

NOTE: Every baller wants to be on the floor for Crunch Time; the last 4 minutes of a close game. That’s also the critical part of the game for a referee. Hopefully you haven’t kicked any calls during the game. At the 4 minute mark make sure everyone is on the same page. A wrong call now can ruin a great game. Don’t let it happen to you!

5 In 5 Basketball I.Q.

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5 In 5 Daily 9-28-16

  1. A1 throw-in goes directly out of bounds, without being touched inbounds. The official rules this a throw-in violation.  Is the official correct?
  2. Prior to the start of the game, Team B is charged with a technical foul. A6 replaces A-1 the designated starter to attempt the free throws. Official allows A6 to enter the game. Is the official correct?
  3. The scorer fails to record a free throw to team A in the first quarter. At halftime the mistake is recognized. Official rules the mistake cannot be corrected because the time frame has expired. Is the official correct?
  4. Prior to airborne shooter A-1 returning to the floor, A1 is fouled. Official rules A1 was fouled in the act of shooting. Is the official correct?
  5. A1 commits his/her fifth foul and is disqualified. Prior to team A replacing A1, Team A requests a timeout. Official grants the request. Is the official correct?


  1. Yes 9-2-2
  2. Yes 10-1-2a, 3-2-2a
  3. No  2-11-11
  4. Yes 4-1-2
  5. No  5-8-3b

5 In 5 Basketball I.Q.

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5 In 5 Daily 9-25-16

  1. Following a score by team A and before the ball is at the disposal of team B, a double technical foul is committed. The official uses the alternating possession procedure to resume play. Is the official correct?
  2. Team A is awarded an alternating possession throw-in by team A.  B3 fouls A3 after the throw-in pass was touched by A2 inbounds. The official rules the arrow stays with team A because team A shall not lose its throw-in opportunity as a result of the foul. Is the official correct?
  3. Jumper A1 taps the ball and jumper B1 catches it before the jump ball ends. The official awards the ball to team A and sets the arrow toward team B’s basket. Is the official correct?
  4. A1 is fouled and erroneously awarded the ball out of bounds instead of a one and one. Team A inbounds the ball to A2.  Then B2 forces a held ball. The error is now recognized. The possession arrow is favoring team A. The official clears the lanes and awards A1 the one and one and awards team A the ball using the alternating possession procedure.  Is the official correct?
  5. B1 secures a rebound at A’s basket and passes to B2 near the division line. A2, who is airborne from his/ her frontcourt, intercepts the pass and alights in his/her backcourt. The official rules a backcourt violation. Is the official correct?

st ray raven

  1. No   6-4-4, 4-42-5a
  2. Yes  4-3-3a
  3. No   2-10-6
  4. No   9-9-3
  5. No   4-12-2 & 3, 9-8

NOTE: Possession/correctable error and possession arrow comes up more often than we realize. It’s worth studying the rules covering these areas.

5 In 5 Basketball I.Q.

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