Drills & Tips

Make Varsity In Ten Weeks: Part One – Shooting and Conditioning
Make Varsity In Ten Weeks: Part Two – Mid-Range Shooting
Make Varsity In Ten Weeks: Part Three – DEFENSE!

Dedication to this workout will make you a much better than average basketball player because you will be a better shooter with both hands, have more core strength, greater endurance and better defensive habits and skills than your teammates. Start now and you will be in peak condition for tryouts in October. During the season, continue this workout as conditioning and to maintain form. This is a tough workout with no “buddy” system. There is no chatting between sets and no one spotting weights. This workout requires discipline and self motivation. When you get to ten weeks you will be ready for try outs.

Tips: Shooting

Square Up for shot Shooting elbow at 90 degree angle Wrist behind and below ball center Dominant hand fingertips on ball Off hand fingertips on side Don’t rush Focus on spot inside the front rim Breathe out as you release ball up – not out Snap your wrist Roll ball off center and index finger for good rotation Follow through straight forward Rebound, if you have to.

Coaching Tips: Save Your Breath

A referee blows his/her whistle to stop the action. No referee does this lightly as all the attention in the arena is suddenly focused on him/her. But you disagree with the call and make your disapproval known, loudly and occasionally inappropriately. The referee made the call based on the rules, player action and his/her experience and your comments aren’t likely to reverse the call. More importantly, at that moment, your player(s) need your attention. They may have just committed a foul, turnover or made some other mistake that may seriously impact the game. Save your breath – for your player(s). Coach them through this moment which, especially for younger players, is a teaching opportunity.

Coaching Tips: Keeping Stats

Being a better coach and building a competitive team requires accurate stat keeping. An assistant coach, manager or assistant manager, any of whom can be students, should keep accurate stats for your team. The information will help the coach correctly assess the team’s strengths and weaknesses. A team shooting 50% in free throws should work on this in practice. If they are shooting 90%, work on something else they are weak in. That kind of analysis leading to structured practice can work across the board on shooting, rebounding, turnovers, etc. It all starts with accurate stats.

Follow the discussion on Padding Stats at NYCBASKETBALL.COM.

V Cuts – Box to the Elbow

You might think that V Cuts are not a beginner skill but when you consider the benefits of running this drill, and teaching all the basketball skills it includes, you may change your mind!

Win the Game Drill

This drill teaches players how to catch the ball, back to the basket, and make a shot under pressure and win The Game with 7 seconds left on the clock and it only takes 10 seconds to run per pair of players. If you do nothing else, teach your kids this drill!

YYAA Shooting Skills Homework

Working on your game includes, and some say begins with, working on your shooting. Here’s the most basic workout I can think of. You don’t even need a basket or a wall. And unless you are really a beginner, this exercise is done alone.


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  2. Taylor

    Thanks for sharing this information with my son. Very helpful.

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