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BSNY METRO 15u and 16u Tryouts

basketball-shooting-layup (2)BSNY METRO 15u and 16u Tryouts
Friday, September 9th @ 5:30pm
Dwight School Athletic Center 110th -1st Ave
If you would like more information or your son to attend tryouts, please email your child’s name, school, birthdate and your name and cell phone number to:
The teams will practice on Friday in the Fall and play in a Sunday league until high school season begins.  This is done for chemistry building and so we can hit the ground running after high school season in the Spring with our full AAU schedule geared towards college recruitment.
Coach Dave Brown

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You Need the Right AAU Attitude

Basketball-Team-Motivational-QuotesCoaching an AAU Travel Team is one of the toughest things you can do. Winning is everything in AAU, so there is pressure to select the best players. Coaches may not spend a lot of time with their AAU players. Sometimes teams only come together for the AAU season. The rest of the year kids may play for their high school or local team.

AAU teams come together because they travel. AAU teams are often a collection of all-stars. All-stars bring their attitudes with them. I believe great players need to have a certain swagger. AAU players can often be well over the top. For coaches, it’s like herding cats. Where do you fit in?

You need an AAU Attitude. The next Steph Curry may be on your team. It may be you. To be that guy you must develop the ability to play and win under any circumstances.  You need to be more than calm under pressure. You need to be effective.

That begins with doing everything necessary to win on every play. Get the ball and do something good with it every time you touch it.

On Defense:

  • Play tough on every play
  • Box out on every play
  • Go after every rebound
  • Go after every loose ball
  • Cover the passing lane on every play
  • Be a help defender on every play (don’t pick up fouls)

On Offensive:

  • Know and execute every play
  • Hit the man with the best opportunity to score every time
  • Run every fast break
  • Get to the open spot every time
  • Finish every time

This takes concentration AND dedication. If you do it, you will be rewarded.

  • If you run every fast break, you will get one finish per quarter – 8pts.
  • If you aggressively offensive rebound, you will get 1 put back per quarter – 8pts.
  • If you flash to the open midrange spot every time it’s open, you will score on 2 out of 4 shots – 4pts.
  • If you go back door every time you can, you will score on 2 out of 4 shots – 4pts.
  • That’s 24 points or more by having what I call an AAU Attitude.
  • If you aggressively guard the passing lane you can get 1 steal per quarter that turns into a score -8pts
  • If you box out on every defensive play long rebounds can turn into fast breaks and scores – 8pts

Do you get my point or should I say POINTS.

Demonstrate you are a valuable contributor through your hard work. The team will come to depend on you. They will want to get you the ball.  You will be on the floor when the game is on the line. And if you have skills, the game gets even easier. EVERY – I didn’t over use this. It’s what expected.

If that’s not what you’re doing, you have the wrong attitude and it is probably reflected in your on-court behavior. Its great being surrounded by great players by don’t be influenced by bad habits. They may have speed, size or the skills to make up for their poor attitudes. Some AAU coaches will put up them. They are legends in their own minds.

Avoid the dark side of the AAU Attitude at all costs.

No rants to the officials
You are not going to get every call

No arguments with the coach or teammates
You are not going to get the ball every time

No tantrums, ever!

It’s not your world yet regardless of what they say on the rating zines. You are not going to make the winning shot every time but you will and score often enough to be noticed if you develop the right AAU Attitude.

You Need the Right AAU Attitude pdf

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Riverside Church AAU Basketball Dynasty by Alejandro Danois

This article may be more colorful than certifiable but you’ll have to decide which for yourself. Either way, it’s a really good read. What’s not to like about an article that mentions the Harlem Rens, The Boys of Yesteryear, Ollie Edinboro, the Riverside Church Hawks and the New York Gauchos!

The Rise, Reign and Fall of New York City’s Riverside Church AAU Basketball Dynasty

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House Of Sports 2013 Tournament Season – The Gauchos Play here!

The New York Gauchos, headquartered in the Bronx, have partnered with The House Of Sports  and operate a  boys and girls AAU program in Westchester. The program operates year round with tryouts for competitive and developmental teams in September and February. You should definitely check out the HOS Gauchos link and download the brochure.

The House Of Sports is the Northeast’s newest AAU basketball tournament destination and they have an exciting  upcoming 2013 Tournament Season. Visit the HOS tournament site if you want to register online or contact Lou Demello at 914-879-7178  if you are interested in registering multiple teams or coming to the facility multiple times as discounts are available!

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