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How to Get into College

4448838433_a76ca5ae78_oThere are 4 minutes left in the game. You are down by 10. What do you need to do to win?

  • Play like you want to win.
  • Make good choices.
  • Take and make good shots.
  • Play GREAT defense.
  • Inspire your team mates to play harder.
  • No one wins by their self.

How to Get into College


  • Your Homeroom teacher needs to know
  • Your Counselor needs to know
  • Your Employer needs to know
  • Your Coach needs to know
  • Your Mother needs to know
  • Your Father need to know
  • Your Girlfriend needs to know
  • Your Friends, especially, need to know

You need to go to school everyday

  • You need to pass all your classes
  • You need to get 85 or better in most of your subjects
  • You need to do your homework –  Real Homework
  • You need to study regularly

You need to research colleges and universities

  • You need to know what you want to study
  • You need to know where to study it


  • Not someone looking for a good time
  • Not someone dodging work
  • Not someone avoiding baby mama drama
  • Not a political activist


  • You must work hard as a STUDENT AND an ATHLETE


  • Academic, Athletic or Financial Aide
  • You can earn it yourself

You need to know what you want to be!

Want to be more than a Professional Basketball Player. On average, careers are less than 5 years. You can make a lot of money in 5 years, but what do you do for the rest of your life?

Life & NYB How To Get into College  pdf includes the basketball pdf Game Knowledge

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Scoring Made Easy

Recently, I watched an athletic High School girl grab a bunch of rebounds and not score during a game. She played most of the game but only took 3-4 shots. We wound up in the same elevator after the game. I said, “You don’t shoot enough”. She said, “They never pass me the ball”. That was true, but it was also true she never made herself available. She always set up on the weak side. The shots she took didn’t have a chance of going in. She allowed the defender to stand between her and the ball. She was generally “out of position” and not a factor in the game. How do you make her a better scorer?

Run the Floor: You need to get in rebounding and shooting positions before the ball is available. Hustle to where you think the ball is going to be.

Offensive Rebounds are your friend. Get lots of them if you can and score immediately. You are 3-10 feet from the basket.

Defensive Rebounds should be rewarded.  Run the floor. Get into position. Look to get the ball back.

Positioning: Use footwork to get where you want to be. Flash to open positions rather than fight for them. Create clear passing lanes in front of or to the side of the ball handler about 10 feet away. Make eye contact with the ball handler. Give him/her a passing target.

Face the Basket: Once you get the ball, immediately face and square to the basket prepared to shoot. This is the Triple Threat position.

SHOOT: Don’t hesitate.

Blast: Go right past your defender. Get your head and shoulders past him/her and “pin” them by stepping just outside of his/her foot.

Sweep: Firmly hold the ball on one side of your body and strongly bring it to the other side. Complete the move by shooting or stepping into a jump shot or drive.

Fake: Head Fake, Ball Fake, Jab Step – these moves will freeze the defender or cause him/her to move or lean in the wrong direction giving you the opportunity to take a shot.

Step back: To create a little space so you can get a shot off.

Pass: Why? You have worked hard to get in position. Passing is the most dangerous part of a play. The pass itself doesn’t get you a score and the ball can be tipped away or stolen.

Be Part of Every Play: Work hard on every play. Don’t be the last person up the court. The shot will be taken before you ever get there.

Make Your Shots: Nothing is more frustrating than someone missing an easy shot. If that’s you consistently, you won’t get the ball. Become a good shooter. Your teammates will have greater confidence in passing you the ball!

Fight Frustration: You will feel the ball handler should have passed you the ball more often. If you do the things above, you will.

cv_avitar_fb scoring-made-easy pdf

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Better Defense

basketball defenseThe best offensive players are often great defenders. They want the ball and they use great defense to get it. They realize also they are more valuable if they are great defenders. Too often a coach has to choose between a great scorer and a great defender for crunch time. Improve your chances of being on the floor by being both. Let’s start with defense.

Better Defense

  • Keep the ball out of your opponent’s hands.
  • Overplay passing lanes.
  • Box out on offense and defense on every play.
  • Always be on the alert for a steal
  • Overplay right (to your left) as 75 % of the population is right handed.
  • Harass the dribbler into picking up the ball.
  • Close on the dribbler as soon as s/he picks up the ball.
  • Play with your hands palms towards your man always.
  • Your ball side hand should always be in a position to make a play.
  • Reach straight up and step in with the ball side hand and foot on shot attempts.
  • Jump straight up. Do not jump into the shooter.
  • Block the ball with a tap not a swipe.
  • Block the ball as the shooter releases the shot.
  • Yelling “shot” can be a distraction to the shooter.
  • Box out the shooter when s/he lands.

You  will commit a foul if:

  • You reach across your body and hit/impede the shooter as s/he begins a shot attempt.
  • You touch or hit the shooter from the wrist to the elbow on the shot attempt.
  • You hold any part of the shooter.
  • You jump into the shooter and change his/her direction.
  • You do not allow the shooter to land before you box out.

NOTE: 1 steal per quarter for a fast break and finish ups your average 8 points and the steal instantly become a “highlight” if you dunk, finish strong or nicely dime a team mate.

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You Need the Right AAU Attitude

Basketball-Team-Motivational-QuotesCoaching an AAU Travel Team is one of the toughest things you can do. Winning is everything in AAU, so there is pressure to select the best players. Coaches may not spend a lot of time with their AAU players. Sometimes teams only come together for the AAU season. The rest of the year kids may play for their high school or local team.

AAU teams come together because they travel. AAU teams are often a collection of all-stars. All-stars bring their attitudes with them. I believe great players need to have a certain swagger. AAU players can often be well over the top. For coaches, it’s like herding cats. Where do you fit in?

You need an AAU Attitude. The next Steph Curry may be on your team. It may be you. To be that guy you must develop the ability to play and win under any circumstances.  You need to be more than calm under pressure. You need to be effective.

That begins with doing everything necessary to win on every play. Get the ball and do something good with it every time you touch it.

On Defense:

  • Play tough on every play
  • Box out on every play
  • Go after every rebound
  • Go after every loose ball
  • Cover the passing lane on every play
  • Be a help defender on every play (don’t pick up fouls)

On Offensive:

  • Know and execute every play
  • Hit the man with the best opportunity to score every time
  • Run every fast break
  • Get to the open spot every time
  • Finish every time

This takes concentration AND dedication. If you do it, you will be rewarded.

  • If you run every fast break, you will get one finish per quarter – 8pts.
  • If you aggressively offensive rebound, you will get 1 put back per quarter – 8pts.
  • If you flash to the open midrange spot every time it’s open, you will score on 2 out of 4 shots – 4pts.
  • If you go back door every time you can, you will score on 2 out of 4 shots – 4pts.
  • That’s 24 points or more by having what I call an AAU Attitude.
  • If you aggressively guard the passing lane you can get 1 steal per quarter that turns into a score -8pts
  • If you box out on every defensive play long rebounds can turn into fast breaks and scores – 8pts

Do you get my point or should I say POINTS.

Demonstrate you are a valuable contributor through your hard work. The team will come to depend on you. They will want to get you the ball.  You will be on the floor when the game is on the line. And if you have skills, the game gets even easier. EVERY – I didn’t over use this. It’s what expected.

If that’s not what you’re doing, you have the wrong attitude and it is probably reflected in your on-court behavior. Its great being surrounded by great players by don’t be influenced by bad habits. They may have speed, size or the skills to make up for their poor attitudes. Some AAU coaches will put up them. They are legends in their own minds.

Avoid the dark side of the AAU Attitude at all costs.

No rants to the officials
You are not going to get every call

No arguments with the coach or teammates
You are not going to get the ball every time

No tantrums, ever!

It’s not your world yet regardless of what they say on the rating zines. You are not going to make the winning shot every time but you will and score often enough to be noticed if you develop the right AAU Attitude.

You Need the Right AAU Attitude pdf

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One And Done!

basketball-movesI watched Sebastian Telfair play, as a high school junior, against one of the top AAU teams in the country. The first play of the game, the defender waited just above the foul line as ST made a jump shot from the top of the key.

The other team scored and ST brought the ball up as the defender now waited at the top of the key. ST sank a 3 a step before the defender could react. The other team called time out. Their coach chewed on the guy that had been assigned to guard ST and replaced him in the lineup.

After the time out, the other team scored and ST brought the ball up as a different, very animated defender waited above the top of the key. ST attacked the defender and dribbled to the right elbow where he pulled up for a nothing but net jump shot.

The other team scored and ST brought the ball up, attacked to the right again and threw a perfect pass to a teammate cutting to the basket for a score.

The score was tied at 8 when the other team called their 2nd time out 3 minutes into the game. There were dozens of college scouts watching and it was easy to see why.

What impressed me was ST’s mastery of the One and Done. The One and Done is having the range to take an open jump shot from anywhere or the ability to make one move or pass that leads to a score. It’s that quick rise and release that gives you an open shot. It’s the head fake that freezes a player so you can take an uncontested shot or it’s the ball fake and step that leads to an open layup. One and Done is becoming a lost art. Young players today feel they must dribble through the legs or behind the back several times before they make a move. It’s not that they are setting up the defender for the scoring move as much as they are letting the fans and fanatics know something is coming.

Want to be a better basketball player? Master One and Done from Inside, Midrange and Outside.

Learn to post back to the basket, catch, pivot and score. This includes the low post, high post and in the lane. Pivots include simple, back, drop step, with jump shot, jab step, power dribble, step back, side step, or sweep and cross. Learn the foot work for all of the moves going left and right and finish with your right or left hand as necessary.

Learn to Flash and Slash. Flash the foul line, flat or elbow and knock down the midrange jump shot or head fake/ball fake and finish on the glass. Learn to sweep and ball fake and attack from the 3pt line and pull up and take the midrange jump shot.

If you’re going to take 3s, it should be one step behind the line. Most defenders will give you up to the line before they contest your shot. You should be able to hit 70% consistently in practice before you can consider yourself a good outside shooter. It goes without saying, you should be keeping track of your practice and game shooting percentages. Seriously, you should always be working on your shooting seriously.

Sure, you can use your favorite move and shot and get 20 points, but sooner or later a good defender is going to make your life miserable, probably when that scout from the school you want to attend is watching. OR you can score using the One and Done moves above. You will score 20 points, the defender will never know what hit him and you’ll have scouts watching you master the game.

Hmm, did I mention other scoring opportunities: fast breaks, offensive rebounds, steals and free throws? Being a 30pt. scorer isn’t that hard if you work at it on every play in every game.

NYB One And Done

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